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Barnyard Market Garden Products Page

This page shows a list of all the sizes of containers, baskets and potted plants. Prices are based on size, not on the variety or type of plant.

Check out the items in Red for special offers or prices!




Annual 10" Basket


Assorted annuals in white or green 10" baskets. Basket may contain more than one variety of plant. Includes Rose and Purple Wave Petunias, Bridal Veil, Nemesia, Purslane, White Bacopa, Wandering Jews (small leaf) and Blue Scaevola.

All 16" Wire Baskets


Mixed annuals in a wire basket lined with coconut fiber. These beautiful assorted baskets contain up to 20 various plants including various trailing plants which hang from the side and assorted annuals on top.

Edible 15" Patio Bowls


These interesting pots are designed for the patio deck gardener. Includes a colorful annual flower, 2 tomato plants, 2 onions, 2 leaf lettuce plants and an ornamental beet.

12" Urn (small)


White round urns that makes a beautiful addition to a deck or patio. Each urn contains an assortment of up to 6 - 8 annuals.

12" Square


These Grey-stone colored square pots contain either a fall collection or summer annuals.

The fall collection consists of 3 types of Ornamental Wheat, Pink Cabbage and Christmas Peppers, along with a few annuals to add some color over the summer.

The summer containers have an assortment of up to 6 - 8 annuals.

12" Hexagon


These wonderful peat containers contain 4 gladiolas, 1 perennial and 3 annual flowers.

4" Perennial


Add some longevity to your flowerbed by adding Statice Lavender or Heuchera Red Coral Bells.

4" Annual


Single annual bedding plant in a 4" pot. Wide assortment of interesting and unique plants, including the flowering pink Osaka Cabbage, Dusty Miller, Dahlias, Trailing Tumbler Tomatoes, Patio Cucumbers (Salad Bush), Creeping Jenny, Red and White Gypsophilia, Christmas Cherry Peppers and Sunflowers.

Also includes the biennial Wallflower.

6" Pots (Annuals and Perennials)

Buy 4 get 1 free!


These pots include Patio Tomatoes (annual), Amaranthus (annual - also called love lies bleeding), Dahlias (annual), White Gypsophilia (annual) and Wallflower (biennial).

6-pack bedding plants


Standard six pack of small bedding plants. Varieties available are: Fried Egg Flower, Dianthus, Celosia (tall and short), Petunias (yellow, blue, red, burgundy and white), Livingston Daisy, Dusty Miller, Snapdragons, California Blue Bells, Orange Scented Marigold Tagets, Salvia Biocolor Blue Strata, Statice Mix, Viola Mix, Pansy Mix, Lobelia Cobalt Blue and Lobelia Crystal Palace.

Also available are the following vegetables: Pac Choi, Tango Leaf Lettuce and Gai Lan.

Flat of annuals


Essentially this is12 - 6 packs. This is a savings of $4.80 if you buy 12 - 6 packs!